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What is Kre8R?

Have you always wanted to make your own comics? Well now with Kre8R its never been easier! Whether you are new to the creative process, or a seasoned pro just looking for a key player to complete your team, Kre8R can get you going. No matter what your budget, or your timeline, Kre8R can match you with freelancers from around the world.

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Why work with Kre8R?
  • Safe

    Nothing slows down a project like unreliable talent. With our review system, freelancers are rated on all completed jobs for you to see.

  • Secured Transaction

    All transactions are synced with the virtual currency system. Everything is under admin control, and no money is paid until jobs have been approved.

  • Community

    Find the freelancers that fit your budget with a worldwide community.

How Kre8R works?
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  • 2
  • 3
  • Enter your needs

    The homepage will provide you an advanced search & filter option that allows you to search by keyword, filter by categories and tags. With only a single click, you can find what you need.

  • Select your favorite seller

    After finding related services, you can view a sellers' profile, providing you with details about their biography & all of their past Kre8R projects. Then select the suitable one meeting your requirements.

  • Get stuff done

    Then just place your order. You can also order extra services or send a custom order if you dont see exactly what you are looking for. Then keep track of progress on the order detail page.

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